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Solvent yellow 114 Production

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Step 1 Product

Isatin|CAS NO.91-56-5|2,3-Indolinedione|dye

The product is used as the intermediate of dye and medicine, and is used in the production of drug cincomphen and dye disperse yellow E-3G.In chemical analysis, is the determination of cuprous ion, mercaptan, thiophene, urine blue reagent.

Used as reagent for determination of amino acids and amines by TLC or low chromatography. Also used for determination of cuprous, mercaptan,

thiophene, and used in dye synthesis.

Step 2 Product

Product Name:3-Hydroxyquinaldine -4-carboxylic acid

Other Name:3-Hydroxy-2-methyl-4-quinolinecarboxylic acid

CAS NO.:117-57-7

Assay: 99%min

Appearance:Yellow powdery substance

Packing:25kg/drum or packing according to customer's requirement

Usage: Synthetic dye dispersion yellow 54# anddispersion yellow 64# 


Step 3 Product

Product Name: Solvent yellow 114

Appearance : Orange powder

CAS NO.:7576-65-0

CAS NO.:75216-45-4

EINECS NO.:231-474-9

Molecular Formula: C18H11NO3

Appearance :Orange powder

Density 1.435g/cm3

Boiling Point 502ºC at 760 mm

Flash Point 257.4ºC

Refractive Index 1.736

Vapor Pressure 1.06E-10 at 25°C

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